Assobari farmers improve their practices
In 2020, Brazilian farming association Assobari was one of the first two producers (along with Socicana) to sell on the Credit Trading Platform. Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s biggest chocolate producers, bought 79,000 sugarcane credits which has provided additional income that the independent farmers could reinvest into their farms. A couple of years later, we’re pleased to share some of the improvements made with Credit Trading income by Assobari’s farmers.

Improving water use

José Marcos Filippe installed an artesian well, which he uses for the site maintenance but also for his animals. He also made all the necessary documentation on the use of water, demonstrating compliance with the Bonsucro Production Standard: “Use of land and water resources does not diminish the legal, customary or user rights of indigenous peoples and local communities”.

“The sales of certified sugarcane credits encourages us to always improve.”

Planting trees

Rodrigo Romero and his daughter planted dozens of trees on the farm.

"Sales are very important for us, taking into consideration the costs to obtain and maintain certification, not only for the producer, but also for the association as a whole.”

Improving infrastructure

Lucille Felipe has seen environmental and social benefits from selling credits:

"Financial return from selling credits is always very good. But far before that, it’s encouraged us to give back to the environment. By following the Bonsucro Standard, we contribute to our environment, and we value and dignify the labour of the rural man. This is all worth the dedication to obtain such a hard-earned seal.”

Multiple improvements have been made to her farm infrastructure, including a new bathroom for employees, a renovated office, stronger electrical system, a waste box for washing personal protective equipment, a biodigester tank and a storage room for agrochemicals. 

These will all help Lucille run her business more professionally and effectively.

Protecting natural areas

Getulio Vargas Gutierrez installed a fence in the farm’s Permanent Preservation Area (PPA).

Under Brazilian law, PPAs are “natural protected areas, with rigid limits of exploitation, that is, direct economic exploitation is not allowed”. This means those areas cannot be used for agriculture. 

"The sales give financial recognition for what producers do for the environment."

Preventing occupational risk and improving work conditions

Farmer Leonice M. Fanton invested in her employees’ health and wellbeing through a programme for rural work risk management, and another one for occupational health medical control. Those programmes include identifying the occupational risks associated with each type of job position, prevention measures and medical exams required for each role.  

"The sales closed the economic cycle of our certification. Always thinking of the family and employees' well-being, we’re investing on the property itself and providing better working and health conditions, offering employees clinical exams and technical visits, and mitigating risks with the use of PPE".

Bonsucro Credit Trading

By purchasing credits from Assobari, Barry Callebaut is a key part of the above stories. With the Bonsucro Credit Trading Platform, we offer buyers an easy way to source certified sustainable sugarcane and derivatives and make an impact on the ground.

Purchasing Bonsucro Credits incentivises farmers and rewards their sustainable practices. It’s also a simple way for companies to meet their responsible procurement targets and allows them to make claims.

Any Bonsucro members, certified and non-certified, can purchase Bonsucro Credits for sugarcane, raw sugar, molasses and ethanol.

Learn more about the Credit Trading Platform and get in touch with our team for any questions at

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