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Bonsucro Credits...

    Certified mills and farms that have been through the Bonsucro certification process are rewarded for their commitment to sustainability.
    A portion of fees from Bonsucro Credit sales are invested directly in local initiatives for more farms and mills to adopt more sustainable practices.…
    Bonsucro Credits support buyers to achieve their sustainable procurement targets.

Requirements for Buyers

In order to buy Bonsucro Credits, companies must:

  • Be a Bonsucro Member
  • Redeem public claims regarding Bonsucro Credit purchases using the Credit Trading Platform

Note that Bonsucro members do not have to be Bonsucro certified in order to buy Bonsucro Credits.

Key Elements of Terms and Conditions for Buyers 

The full Terms & Conditions (T&C) document can be found below. Here are some key elements:

  • Bonsucro will invoice buyers on behalf of sellers based on the agreed price and volume per transaction (excl. FBOs).
  • Buyers have 90 days payment terms. Bonsucro will transfer funds to seller/s once received from the buyer (excl. FBOs).
  • Buyers can redeem and claim their Credits within 12 months from the date of purchase. This must be done through the redemption function on the Credit Trading Platform and in line with Bonsucro Claims & Labelling Rules.
  • Bonsucro will add its brokerage fee to the Buyers invoice and is charged per volume purchased. The fee amount varies by product and it has been calculated keeping the proportion to raw sugar volumes.
  • Off-Market Deals – must be recorded on the platform by the buyer, and then confirmed by the seller and Bonsucro, before they are considered final and ownership transferred. FBOs are Off-Market only.
  • A Bid to Buy can be withdrawn until matched. Once matched, it cannot be withdrawn anymore
  • Re-selling is not allowed..
  • The new T&C replace the old ones.