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Bonsucro certified mills and farms can use the power of the the Credit Trading Platform to sell their Bonsucro Credits to a global network of buyers. 

Requirements to sell credits

There are some requirements for mills and farms wishing to act as sellers on the Bonsucro Credit Trading Platform.

In order to sell credits, a seller must be a Bonsucro Member and hold:

  • A valid Bonsucro certificate, AND
  • Production Standard and Chain of Custody Standard in their certification scope

Requirements to sell Sugarcane Credits

In order to sell Sugarcane Credits, a seller must be:

  • A certified independent farmer who is also Bonsucro Chain of Custody certified, OR
  • A Group Manager holding the Bonsucro Smallholder Production Standard certification

On-Market and Off-Market Trading

The Credit Trading Platform provides two ways to trade credits - On- and Off-Market.

  • On-Market Trades are carried out through the platform. Bids to sell and offers to buy are matched automatically based on price. Sellers cannot select who they sell to, nor can buyers choose to buy from a certain seller - the auction is blind. 
    • This is ideal for companies who do not have a preference for who they trade with.
  • Off-Market Trades are negotiated between buyers and sellers outside of the platform. Once a deal has been made, the buyers and sellers of the Credits must then use the Credit Trading Platform to register and confirm the deal. 
    • Trading off-market allows buyers to negotiate with existing suppliers or to emulate physical supply chains.

Key Elements of Terms and Conditions for Sellers 

The full Terms & Conditions (T&C) document can be found below. Here are some key elements:

  • Bonsucro Credits are traded virtually and are not trades of physical product. The amount of Credits sold must be in a seller's available volumes and the seller will have to deduct them from their inventory in accordance to Bonsucro Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard.
  • Bonsucro will invoice buyers on behalf of sellers and, once funds received from buyers, Bonsucro will then send them to the seller (excl. FBOs). Payment term for buyers is 90 days.
  • A seller can only sell Credits in accordance with the products listed in their current valid Bonsucro Production Standard and Chain of Custody certificate (sugarcane credits can only be sold by independent farmers who are also Bonsucro ChoC certified or a Group Manager holding the Bonsucro Smallholder Production Standard certification).
  • Off Market Deals agreed directly with a buyer, must be registered by the buyer on the platform, but the seller will need to confirm the transaction before the transaction is finalised by Bonsucro.
  • An Offer to Sell can be withdrawn until matched. Once matched, it cannot be withdrawn anymore;
    The new T&C replace the old ones.